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Drakonnen Quote: Because Tauntauns are awesome! They have great accuracy with their spit, can run 90 kilos per hour, wack things with their tails, headbutt with their horns.
Hey, a taun taun mount or companion I could get down with, lol, but a useless pint sized pet? No thanks. End Quote". lol. hehehe.

You know Drakonnen you're right about that. Why in the heck people need a Tauntauns. I remember riding one in Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. Those animals weren't accorate they missed half the time and no offense to the makers. But they need to stop listen to children who aren't old enough to play. Those people remember playing pokey man and star wars legos.

I feel like the children have gotten a hold of the game and turned into a Disney Land legoland playground.

First it's Star Wars the Pokey Man Wars. Then before it's disrepectful for speaking for having an opinion. What next.
When could you make a tauntaun spit in jedi academy? Don't remember that at all.
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