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04.27.2012 , 03:48 PM | #8
Are there any plans to adjust the planets for Type 3 bodies? Troublesome spots include certain (known) datacrons, and staircases.

Example: In the interior of the Sith temple on Korriban, the section of stairs between the floor and the landing, you cannot simply run up the stairs as a Type 3 body. You must either jump towards the stairs repeatedly until you reach the landing or you have to run facing the stairs and simultaneously strafe back and forth. Once you reach the landing you can run up the second segment normally.

Example: Balmorran Arms Factory, destroying all shuttles on the landing platforms. The same issue exists for each of those staircases. Three shuttles, through the factory, four more shuttles.

etc, etc.

This does not happen to Type 2 bodies, I have not tried Type 1 or 4.