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04.27.2012 , 02:43 PM | #334
PLEASE! Either Bring Back the Event Vendor or put the event items for DNA purchase on the menu of one the fleet vendors.

I have seen numerous people, in multiple SWTOR sites, who do not frequent the forums say they did not see any notice of it ending and are now left with earned DNA samples.

Personally my wife and I spent some decent time doing the event dailies each and eavery day and were storing up our Samples as we leveled to 50 to the tune of 250+ and now all that time was wasted.

In the future notices of the end of the event should be put on the Launcher
....If it was there I totally missed it but I do not frequent the forums unless for a fix or issue need.

Just take care of your users and what harm is there to add the items for sale for this event and any future events to a fleet've done much the same with the launch event items.