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A short some up:
Since there was no advance notice, some people missed it because of vacation.
The daily chaining (one new daily when you finish the one of the previous day) was kind-of disturbing to people who couldn't play every day.

The plague lasted through death, while the vaccine didn't, which in some points wasn't all that cool, especially with those who did not own a level 50. (High price for vaccine)
My guild is of opinion it could have lasted a bit longer.

Also, especially for those on pvp servers, more than one vendor for the unique currency would've been nice. Vendor camping like hell, I've seen and heard it. Although some interesting wars did develop in the dune sea...

Negative effect on warzones was slightly annoying -- when infected, it'd randomly break your stealth (when you normally would get "stunned", which was disabled in WZs apparantly)

I'd say, keep the events coming! Good work!
This is pretty much what I would've written too. Good post.

2 most important points imho were:

- Daily chaining, it felt kinda dumb
- No epic ending

A forward notice, that would not spoil anything, would indeed be nice. Maybe a blog post, mention in patch notes or news "There will be ingame event starting in two weeks", but nothing more specific.

And yeah, the news reports were awesome.