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This Secondary Post will be where I will put all noted suggestions, tactics, and videos that would help out someone, and are simply game play bonuses and recommendations.

Videos of AP PVP/PVE

Assaulttrooper Using the Bounty Hunter Max Damage Spec

Taugrim using the Vanguard Norse Spec

Malkiv Discussing BH PVP and the Norse Build


Suggestion 1 (Thanks Goes To LoKiei): Currently Flame Sweep/Explosive Surge is allowing you to apply stacks without hitting any target. Not sure if this is a bug, but in a pvp environment or in pve when switching targets or waiting on a pull with 5 stacks of PFT/PG you could Flame sweep/Explosive Surge as PFT/PG is counting down to keep the 5 stack up. You could also 5 stack pft using Flame Sweep/Explosive Surge and then open with PFT/PG on an unsuspecting player. Granted you would want to watch your heat. This would also apply to between pulls in a PVE environment, though I am not sure your tank would appreciate the severe amount of threat you would pull at the beginning of the fight.

Suggestion 2 (Thanks Goes To Agooz): While all of us love the AP/Tacics tree, it is more difficult and can be frustrating to level with the AP/Tac build. Prior to 40 we recommend using either ShieldTech/Shield Specialist or Pyrotech/Assault as AP/Tactics doesn't really shine until you are able to get both PFT/PG and Immolate/FP. Pyro/Assault and Shield offer more utility and/or damage prior to 40 due to the bonuses in the tree coming earlier. At 40, switching to either of the AP/Tactics Builds becomes more viable, and you begin to see the benefits.

Suggestion 3 (Thanks Goes to Anavaar): PVE Suggestion - It is more important to use FT/PC on CD than to hold on to PFT/PG when at 5 stacks. The net dps of using FT/PC on CD with between 3 and 5 stacks is +/- 1 percent. However the dps lost by not using FT/PC at 5 stacks once it's up is +/- 3 percent. Therefore it's always better to use FT/PC on CD rather than to not use PFT/PG at 5 stacks. PFT/PG x 5 is a dps gain, so holding until you are at 5 stacks is always a dps gain.

To everyone, Please let's keep this to civil and intelligent discussions and debates. Please do not delve into name calling or ridiculing different thoughts. I understand that not everyone agrees with me, and I will attempt to keep an open mind, but calling something stupid or ridiculous is non-constructive even if it is stupid and ridiculous.

Simply explain the error and debate accordingly.

Thanks again for all the help and ideas from the BH Thread
The Bounty Hunter AP Guide: Always Learning -Vanguard Tactics Guide: Where is my PG Slow?
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