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I was searching the net for this very same thing. I've finally came across this site vVv Gaming. It was the foundation for my own spawning of this Excel type version. Assent EPGP. Not sure if that helps let me know if you have anything to add. Pretty Simple Operation. Y or N answer for Ontime 1-5 Value for bosses killed and any amount you want for Bonus/Penalty and it totals it out in the EP Earned which in turn Calculates total EP at the beginning. I have not worked out a system for GP yet. That one you have to use the calculator to determine the Value and then just manual enter in that value under the GP Earned for that raid. That automatically adds it to total GP at the beginning. The calculator automatically totals all values at the Bottom. Simply add an X to the Gear Received Column and it will activate the GP cost and totally it for that Tier and also totally it at the bottom for total Gear points earned. The weighted values are made up. A way to set gear apart by slot and Tier. Decay is done thru Previous month. You add in the previous months Value and it detucts the decay amount, in this case 10% and adds it to the EP or GP at the beginning. Added Monthly Tabs so you could keep a years work of raids intact.


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