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"the rakghoul plague was a very popular event. You’re going to see more surprises like it in the future.

I want to hear your thoughts on why you thought the rakghoul plague was fun. Also, what kind of stuff would you like to see in the future?"

I loved the event. It had in my opinion all the right ingredients for a fun event.

The Good:

Most importantly for me:

- World PvP!!! I finally got to participate in some fun and much needed open world pvp clashes! Woohoo.


- A pretty original theme that fits in well with the KOTOR universe.
- Quests that were relatively fun, and not overly grindy. I wasn't a big fan of the "collect 12 starship pieces" quest though, a quest where I need to look up a map on the internet with coördinates to see where all the pieces are or spend 10 hours searching a whole planet is a bad quest imho.
- Good ambiance though the various news announcements.
- An interesting story that unfolds as you progress in the event.
- Unique usable rewards.

And last but not least:

- Exploding people!!

The Bad:

- It needs to be much better communicated to the players through in-game means where exactly to go for the event, what exactly the event entails, and how long exactly it will last.
- If its not properly announced when an event ends, any reward vendors need to stay for a few days after the event has ended, so everyone has a chance to turn in their commendations.
- Don't overdo it with the crazy pets. It's not a fantasy MMO, stay true to the starwars theme. Small droids like the Torture Droid from the dark side vendor make for great themed pets. A mini taun-taun or that dodo-like bird are a bit odd. But a miniature Rakghoul as a pet simply doesn't fit in my opinion. Now a Rancor on the other hand....
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