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04.27.2012 , 10:15 AM | #323
I really enjoyed the feeling of a living galaxy this event gave. I thought the event last exactly the right amount of time and gave exactly the right amount of clues on how to interact with it. I don't understand why many people want things handed or spelled out for them. As for the plague, it was great. Don't understand the hate as it was maybe only a slight problem to people running ops in which case they should be able to run a daily or 2 or buy a vaccine. I only had two problems with the event.
1: Tthe fact that the customizations were random as I ended up with 3 doubles and a triple while never getting a couple available characters.
2: I felt there should be more news broadcasts. I loved those. They added to the feeling that thee were events taking place elsewhere. Was really sad when I logged in after the event and didn't see a news broadcast reporting the containment of the plague. News updates are definately something I'd like to see more often maybe even outside of specific events.