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12.17.2011 , 10:17 AM | #15
As a 23 BH bodyguard I simply couldn't keep up with the healing (other members were 24).
We downed them after the two we killed on the third* attempt did not respawn. Mostly the same group ran Athiss with me at level 18.

Annoying that critical efficiency is a level 24 talent I'm sure once I get it the fight will become much easier.

This fight made me really wish the heat metric was easier for other classes to measure by looking at my bar. I try to pop SCG at 30-35 heat to make the most of it, sometimes I'll tap zero a second before my next heal goes off. "you're not healing you have no heat"

*first attempt saw me try to concussion the trooper which eventually led to the wipe since I had to burst heal to keep myself up when all but the sentinel focused on me (adrenal, supercharged gas, Vent heat, 1400hp from medpack, and shield), though I was naturally blamed.

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