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There is a powerful mercenary ship that both the Empire and Republic want. Depending on your faction, the other faction will be in control of it, with a major fleet commander on board who would be an advantage to capture. Each factionís fleet will be there - either protecting the ship, or defending it - which will be shown on a map( like Voidstarís map) as green and red dots. Green dots will represent friendly ships, and red will represent enemy ships. The larger the dot, the bigger the ship, with the smallest being fighter s, and the largest being capital ships. The partyís objectives are as follows: a power generator, starboard turbolasers, portside turbolasers, and hangers are the first set. Engines, life support, communications relay, and a tractor beam are the second set. The bridge is the last objective.

The flashpoint would be designed for a 4 person group, but could be done with as little as 2 people. There will be four objectives for the 1st two sets, and one for the last. At the beginning, the party would decide which person would go after which objective, as there is a timer for each set. After the timer is up, one of two things will happen. First, if you completed no objectives, your factionís fleet will be destroyed, and you will be forced to retreat, gaining no rewards. Second, if you completed at least one objective, you will advance forward to the second set, gaining certain advantages for each objective destroyed. The same would be repeated in the second are, and the 3rd area would be the ultimate boss fight on the bridge. As mentioned earlier, there are 3 objective sets, each giving a certain bonus for being destroyed. For an easier read, I will put them in subsets.
SET 1:
The first area would be a hanger, where you land, and four different routes to take, one to each of the first set objectives, as listed below. The hallways would be 75% normal/weak enemies, 20% strong mobs, and 5% elite mobs. At the objective, there would be a mini-boss designed for one person to be able to kill with a fair amount of effort. Also, there would be maintenance hatches, offering a shorter route to another objective. The only catch is they are locked, and your console cannot unlock yours, only someone elseís hatch. The exact unlocks and paths will be listed in the list below.
Failing to complete this set of objectives would result in resetting the flashpoint and no rewards.

The connections are: Port to starboard, starboard to port, hanger to power generator, and power generator to hanger. The portside turbolasers would unlock the hanger to generator path. The starboard turbolasers would unlock the generator to hanger path. The hanger would unlock the starboard to port path. The generator would unlock the port to starboard path.
Destroying the power generator will disable force fields in the 2nd area. Force fields would take 8 seconds to disable, unless the generator is destroyed, eliminating them entirely. Unlocks the port to starboard maintenance hatch

Destroying the starboard turbolasers would decrease fire to the fleet on the starboard side, lengthening the time limit on the 2nd area. Unlocks the generator to hanger maintenance hatch.

Destroying the Port turbolasers would decrease fire to the fleet on the port side, lengthening the time limit on the 2nd area. Unlocks the hanger to generator maintenance hatch.

Destroying the hangerís last doors would prevent enemy fighters and bombers from being launched, preserving the life of your fleetís fighters and capital ships, and increasing the time for the 2nd area. Unlocks the starboard to port maintenance hatch.

SET 2:
This set would take place further inside the ship, near more of the critical systems. Same hallway set-up as before, maybe some harder mobs. Also, there are still maintenance hatches, and the connections will be listed below.
Failing to complete this set of objectives would result in little rewards. And resetting progress to the finishing of set 1.

The connections in the second area are as follows: Engines to communications relay, communications relay to engines, life support to tractor beam, and tractor beam to life support. The engines unlock the tractor beam to life support path. The communications relay unlocks the life support to tractor beam path. The tractor beam unlocks the communications relay to engines. And the life support unlocks the engine to communications relay path.

Destroying the engines prevents the mercenary ship from jumping to hyperspace, changing the outcome of failure.
Destroying the communications relay prevents the enemy from calling in reinforcements, increasing the survival time of your fleet.

Destroying the life support will blind the bridge to your location, and the location of their troops. Thereby, decreasing the amount of enemies encountered on the way to the bridge.

Destroying the tractor beam will prevent the capture of your teamís fighters.
SET 3:
This area will be the part where the party finally reunites, but not all at once. First, the person coming from the engine room, will meet up with the person coming from life support. Also, the person coming from the communications relay, and the tractor beam, will meet up. After a few more mobs ( maybe 10 fights, and 1 elite) both teams will come together and fight the second in command.
Failing this section will result in some good rewards, but not close to the best. And all progress will be reset to the finishing of set 2.

The engines and life support meet up, and the communications relay and tractor beam meet up. Then they both meet up, and go to the bridge.
Once the four teams are together, and have beaten the second in command, they will storm the bridge, and try to beat the 1st in command, the boss. If the group can beat him, before the set timer runs out, they win, and get the best rewards possible for the scenario. If they fail to beat the boss before the timer, there are two possible scenarios. First, if the team disabled the engines, then the commander will use a secret escape, and get away. The group will then be rewarded with the 2nd best rewards. Second, if they did not destroy the engines, the ship will jump to hyperspace, and the team will have to run from the boss, and find the escape pods. Once picked up by the republic fleet, they will be rewarded, with the 3rd best rewards.

This section will cover all the mechanics going on in the background.
Outside of the mercenary ship, there will is a huge space battle going on, which will be shown on a Voidstar type map. If the Republic fleet is destroyed, you will lose. This is the timer that the group will have to beat each round, and by destroying certain hardpoints, the timer will be lengthened.

1. Complete the flashpoint

1. The republic fleet is destroyed

This section is just ideas, either by me, or anyone posting here. If you post an idea, I will list it here, and give you credit for it. If I incorporate the idea, I will put it in the ideas section, but write ď(used)Ē next to it.