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I never see how reporting someone will benefit you. Play your own game, if people want to use exploits then thats their business. Same with RL. If someones murdered someone then yea, they are a danger to the public and id probably snitch. But other than that its their business unless it directly effects me.
If they ruin the economy like that in game, it affects you if you're trying to sell something or buy somehting. Also in real life you should be a man and stand up when you see something wrong.

It's like the fight on the bus that was on the news yesterday, guy accidently steps on someone's foot, he gets knocked out of the bus, his head hits the curb, no one gets up to help him or anything, and because someone over reacted because his foot accidently got stepped on (which doesn't hurt for more than 1 second), he's in the hospital and in critical condition.

Maybe not the best comparison but I hope it got my point across
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