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04.27.2012 , 08:20 AM | #210
Yeah I already knew that. It's just sort of a 'future' plan. If I actually get around to it is another thing. lol
For now I only have 4 of each class on each server and I chose the opposite class for each. Except for Trooper/BH.
So I have Guardian, Sage, Scoundrel and Commando for Republic and Marauder, Assassin, Sniper and Mercenary for Empire. Vanguard and Powertech dont interest me at all.
But just from playing the first 10 levels of Commando and Merc even if they are mirrors they feel different enough.
The legacy race options arent really an issue either because I currently only have humans/cyborg characters.

So for my current republic classes Ill have an armormech, armstech, biochem and probably artifice so I can make colour crystals.
And Empire I'll have almost the same. Will I miss Synthweaving and Cybertech much? I could possibly make my marauder a cybertech instead of armstech.
Decisions, decisions. Sorry to bother everyone here with all this. I find talking this stuff out helps me decide though.