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04.27.2012 , 06:39 AM | #1
So we did three attempts on nightmare Pilgrim. Almost had it down needed one more try and then the Relic that spawns him was unlclickable..... FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT ! Please fix this.

So we decided to head to Hard mode 8 man Kephess and finish that up. This was bugged last night also during the big circle aoe phase when he's at like 60 % or so one shots our raid. We killed it last week without a problem the damage seems insane now. I'm popping predation and we are all popping cool downs and med packs to try and live through it without any luck it basically wipes us instantly. Can we get swift patch for this? This kind of stuff is huge to people who enjoy pve. THanks .

Edit: So about 4 hours of raiding last night to waste due to bugs. Waste of a night.