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04.27.2012 , 03:33 AM | #207
Well I have one server for Empire and one for Republic and one of each class on each. Except Powertech/Vanguard.
Well that's my plan anyway. Currently I just have one of each basic class per server all playing different advance classes. So splitting things up like that wont work for me.

But you do make a good point about the ship droids. Maybe I should rethink...again. lol
It sound's like +2 Crit will be better then +15 Efficiency. So I guess I should make my Bounty Hunter Biochem.

So I was gonna go... But maybe I should change too...
Warrior Synthweaving Cybertech?
Warrior Armstech
Inquisitor Artifice
Inquisitor Slicing Synthweaving?
Agent Biochem Slicing?
Agent Armormech
Bounty Hunter Cybertech Biochem?
Bounty Hunter Slicing

Actually Im kinda happy with that. Unless maybe I can get a 2nd +2 Crit Slicing.
But now I'm not sure about my republic characters!

For Republic I have... What would I change?
Knight Synthweaving Slicing?
Knight Biochem
Consular Artifice
Consular Cybertech Synthweaving?
Smuggler Armstech
Smuggler Slicing
Trooper Armormech
Trooper Slicing Cybertech?

How does this sound?
You know I'm probably gonna get this figured out and then they will change it all and I'll of wasted my time. lol
Dammit it screwed up the formatting.