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I'm not on an RP server on this game (mostly because I play a lot with non-RPing friends) but I put some thought into the family tree, and boy is it crazy.

So basically what my plan is is to have three generations going on. It pretty much will start with my Jedi Guardian named Shoza and my Marauder Ryate. The two of them are (not surprisingly) sworn enemies, and both of them have been trying to kill each other since they met. It became personal when Ryate eventually managed to kill Shoza's wife and, in retaliation, Shoza injured Ryate, who was already a Cyborg, to the point of horribly disfiguring and crippling him, forcing him to rely even more on his cybernetics. This pretty much results in a bloody, violent stalemate that threatens to consume both of them in rage, which is good for Ryate, but bad for Shoza, who eventually manages to give up his quest for vengeance and focus on simply upholding the Jedi Code to an almost ridiculous degree from that point on in order to avoid slipping towards the Dark Side once more.

The second generation involves Shoza's only daughter Bekka, who unlike her father is a very weak force sensitive. While not a Jedi, her raw skill and determination eventually lands her a spot on Havok Squad. She becomes a renowned soldier in the Republic Army, and eventually marries another officer named Amseth. However, unknown to her Amseth (the aforementioned main, in case anyone was wondering) is actually an undercover Cipher agent sent by Ryate in order to both get sensitive information from Bekka and to eventually kill her in order to reignite the feud between him and Shoza. However, Amseth was already pretty much a LS Agent anyway, more focused on protecting the citizens than wanton killing, and actually manages to fall in love with Bekka for real. This leads him to eventually coming clean with her about his true identity, which unfortunately causes them to separate, as he leaves to return to the field, and she remains furious at him for the deception.

The third generation deals with Amseth and Bekka's children, a boy and a girl. The girl ends up being a Force Sensitive, and goes to train to be a Jedi under her grandfather, while the boy, conflicted over his parents' differing allegiances, eventually runs away from home and becomes a bounty hunter in order to survive. He eventually becomes close friends with a Zabrak Smuggler by the name of Urell, who is more than willing to help the bounty hunter get around the galaxy in exchange for having him turn down any bounties involving Urell. The two end up just cruising around the galaxy until they eventually discover that Ryate has gotten himself a new apprentice in a Rattataki sorcerer named Jaki, who he plans to pit against the Consular in order to even the playing field against Shoza, and wipe him and his family from the face of the galaxy once and for all.