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04.27.2012 , 03:06 AM | #166
I guess I see the value of a site like this, but my guess is there's countless non named guilds with quality players, clearing, hard/nightmare content and not posting it. It'd be nice, if bioware had a way to record, and translate times, and clears for us to share on this community.

like the guild i'm in Watchmen, we share servers with Odyssey, but are a tad behind them on clears. Currently we're 7/10 nightmare 8 man, we got the infernal title on tuesday, which was fun, it was our first, Ev nightmare run heh.

We, actually have a pretty decent, end game raiding, contingent on republic Jung Ma, there's a couple more, I know of that have cleared a decent amount, Crimson Elite and, the guardians? i think their name is?
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