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My family tree is based off my main character Sith Warrior, Fernal Alizarin...She married her healer and Captain, and together they have 4 children, 3 of their blood and one adopted.

Feravai is a Sith Inquisitor, and was slipped into a home close to her father's family as a servant/slave to protect her, owing to her status as daughter of the Emperor's Wrath and one of the Imperial's most decorated generals (yes, the captain was promoted in the future )

Malafai is a Sith Warrior, of the marauder persuasion and was hidden in the same home as his younger sister, however he had the cover identity of the family's son...

Ilia, is a Cypher Agent, and was the only child actually raised by her parents. If anyone asked about Ilia's parentage, it was suggested she was the child of Fernal's apprentice...(anyone daring to question was usually found breathing impaired not long after) Ilia was not gifted in the force, and so went to work for Intelligence. Eventually she saw to her own security, and that of her secret siblings, but that information is classified.

Lasair, is a Chiss bounty hunter, and an adopted child to Fernal and her 'hubby'. Fernal and her better half were assigned to save a Chiss Imperial family from slaughter, but regrettably the family was murdered on Hoth, where they were stationed. Fernal sensed the unborn Lasair, still in her mother's womb, and cut her free with her lightsaber...the child was successfully resucitated by the former Captain, and the two took the child aboard their vessel and raised her. Lasair lacked the discipline of an Imperial path, and so set forth on her path as a bounty hunter.

On the Republic side...the family tree is based on Fernal's archrival, Master Jedi Liatrix. Liatrix also married her healer and ship's Doc...Together they have a daughter, Teague.

Teague is a Smuggler, given that she inherited her father's roguish qualities, rather than her mother's prowess with the force .

Liatrix also has a biological son, who is half sith heritage, and half human. While she was not the gestational carrier of this boy, her DNA contributed to his creation, together with the DNA of a certain Sith crew member...Liatrix raised the child who was trained in Sith philosophies by his biological father, and Jedi philosophies by his biological mother Liatrix....His name is Blasphemy. Doc performed the procedures needed, as he and Liatrix felt that it was only right to help their ally have a legacy too...
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