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I'd like to see the Republic stage an attack on Geonosis and the Empire's Mandalorian allies. Considering how dangerous to the Republic they are and that Mandalore is based on the planet, I think it would be something interesting. The Republic could have set up a base in a Geonosian hive, and the Empire would be based in the Mandalorian stronghold.

I mean, the planet has a lot of potential for content. Gladiator arenas (a warzone perhaps or an arena minigame), a dangerous environment and the Geonosians are already in the game, and so are Mandalorian assets, as well as beasts seen in the films present on the world. So a lot is covered already, which means less strain on the database. If Manaan or Mon Cala would be added, they would have to make most elements from scratch.

And, of course, there are the Geonosian Hydras. Which would be an awesome world boss. I think it makes sense for that being a planet in an expansion.
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