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LFG is critically failing me. I'm a latecomer to this game and I play casually, I'm not in a guild, but I LOVE to run instances, except LFG has let me down.

I'm currently level 25 and I've run exactly ONE instance one time. Not for lack of interest, but because LFG is failing.

Perhaps there are some tips or tricks that I'm missing out on. I usually run single player content with my LFG flag on.

People say that cross realm grouping is bad because of trolls. Well, I would much rather run instances with an occasional troll, where I can just leave the party and find another vs this system. I suppose it is true, I am grouping with far fewer trolls, because I never group at all.
OK i agree with you that the LFG tool they have doesn't work.
some helpful tips for getting groups however.
-Don't stand around in fleet. No point spamming for hours to people who are probably the wrong level.thats time you could be questing.
-Do put out a message on /1 for people who are questing on the same planet as you. They're the same level so probably pretty keen and theres a shuttle to take you back to fleet
- Kill 2 birds with one stone, look for group quests and then fill out from there. LFM "insert 2 man heroic here" after its done "hey we only need two more for "insert FP here" you would be suprised how often that works.
-Ask in guild once, some level 50 may take pity on you. Don't harrass or abuse this though people like to nice things occasionally, carrying someone from 10-50 through dungeons is a chore and will get you blacklisted as a sponge.

I leveled from 10-40ish in dungeons on my smuggler as i couldnt really face healing the whole way to lvl 50, it is doable and does make finding a group easier than dps but good dps is hard to find and really handy to know.

There is so many other ways to find groups that a LFG finder isn't actually needed. All it takes is alittle patience,effort and believe it or not being a decent person. I can understand time constraints.I have a job with odd hours and I do like to go out .I was also on an american server and wasn't online alot during peak hours.