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So I've mostly mapped out what skills I want to which characters for both Republic and Empire.
Empire really got screwed with the crit crafting.
The only 2 I'm not 100% sure of are Biochem and Cybertech for Empire.
I was originally gonna go Biochem on Agent and Cybertech on Bounty Hunter, but Agent doesn't get +Crit for
Biochem. So which is better for Biochem? +2 Crit or +15 Efficiency? Considering also that the Medical Droid also has +10 Efficiency. So it's more like +2 Crit/+10 Efficiency vs +15 Efficiency.

I think I am leaning toward Bounty Hunter but I'm really not sure.
Keep in mind, you can cross-faction mail now. So you could have all of your critical crafters on Republic side and have gathering on Empire side, if you plan on playing both.

At the moment, I have currently taken these due to the cross-faction mailing and ship droid bonuses:

Jedi Knight: biochem.
Jedi Consular: Cybertech (honestly, I'd recommend artifice for this now with the new ship droid bonuses)
Smuggler: Armstech
Trooper: Armormech
Sith Warrior: Synthweaving (I'd recommend cybertech, since the Sith Warrior sucks at crafting bonuses and now even their +5 critical synthweaving isn't significant due to the ship droid)
Sith Inquisitor: Artifice (I'd recommend Synthweaving, thanks to the ship droid, this class has strong bonuses there)
Imperial Agent: Gathering (Specifically, slicing, diplomacy, and investigation/underworld trading)
Bounty Hunter: Gathering (Specifically, slicing, treasure hunting, and investigation/underworld trading/bioanalysis)

To answer your question, though, +1 critical would be better than +15 efficiency in most people's opinion when it comes to crafting. Criticals are more efficient than efficiency, because you get more out of less materials, and when you critical on armor/weapons, augmented items are extremely valuable. You won't be crafting too much, so the time really doesn't matter.

Again, if you play both factions (and I recommend it), definitely make your jedi knight your biochemist. Doc is awesome.