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I assume most flashpoint-goers know about HK-47s bugginess by now. I have experienced the following bugs during the last 4 days during which we did foundry hardmode TWO times. HK's bug-out rate is roughly 75%.
(Note both normal mode and hardmode are equally bugged)

- He can spawn outside of the chamber while the chamber comes down, if you attack him during that period he will enrage when the chamber goes up and kill the team

- Chamber comes down correctly while he is standing in the middle, but even if the team destroys the panels to disable the chamber normally, HK is still enraged after the first chamber and will kill the team

- The chamber was invisible and only the panels appeared. HK was outside the invisible chamber and enraged once the invisible chamber went up

- Chamber came down but panels didnt spawn. HK was inside the chamber but kept shooting us thru its walls, while we couldnt attack back since we couldnt see him. We managed to kill him with AOE damage this time...

After I reported one of these incidents (HK spawning outside bug) I got this response:
Thank you for contacting us regarding a bug with HK-47 in the Flashpoint: "The Foundry". This is an unknown issue and we apologize for the inconvenience.
Your report has been forwarded to our development team, who will investigate further.
UNKNOWN BUG?? How can this be? HK is bugging out EVERY time I do the flashpoint at least once!
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