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Because it requires intellectual people to figure out ways to handle it. Four months ago when we did this on nightmare 16 man, we learned that you can use 1 tank for this encounter. You're missing a very important fact though, and it's that on 16 man it's 3 people, not 2.

You need 1 tank, and two DPS with taunts. At the beginning of the encounter, every 10 seconds you have a taunt rotation, dps taunt #1 and dps taunt #2 go back to back and the tank taunts back immediately. Everyone else should drop threat at this point.

Repeat this 2 or 3 times with the taunts, and then you'll have unpullable aggro on all 3 of them as long as the rest of your players use their threat drops. There is a DPS class that doesn't have a threat drop, have a sorcerer extricate them.
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