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We had some issues with this too, both tonight and on tuesday 16man and 8man.

Some said it can be down to the game not updating your position, and a jump or little strafe can help update your psotion. I dont really understand, it's just what I'm told.

Nonetheless the fact that so many are having this issue - something is definitely wrong.

In the end we sort of worked around it by tanking Toth so that he's further behind on his side of wall, so that when he jumps he jumps behind Zorn (even further away from the ranged than Zorn himself). This seemed to work, as on those attempts none of the ranged got the debuff.
The downside is that this kinda ****s with overall raid positioning, making life a bit awkward when it came to healers and ranged dps having to take the yellow circle to Toth during his mini-enrages.
Our problem is even when our Sorc backed off before jumps he still was sometimes hit with the debuff and then hits DoTs would smoke him. We had positioning that alleviated some issues, but during the red circle rock phase the tank has no choice but to dance and if Toth Jumps before positioning is perfect again the ranged are oft0en -hung out to dry. I'd be fine with just really tough mechanics, but our sorc has made sure to stay at 28+ yards with his range finder and still getting hit.
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