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Oh, Guss and Forex are both good. I hated Guss' recruitment line but when I got to talking...he's just about the cuddliest fish I ever met. Such a sweetheart.

And M1-4X had me in stitches. There was a quest in Tatooine where I actually had to stop to get the laughter/tears out of my system, after I saved a young woman from a bombing:

Do some companions actually respond, with irritation, to multiclicking? That was my favorite part of Blizzard games for a long time - harassing Jim Raynor and Arthas and so on with a zillion clicks - but I long ago stopped trying it in BioWare games.

yeah some of them do seem to get annoyed, but it seems to be a random line thing

scorpio: continue to irritate and i will cease to acknowledge your existance
vector: that's not neccisary
kaliyo: don't get all needy on me
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