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This is subject to change when I know more of the individual story lines. I am still trying to get to Legacy on my main, but I had time to kill last week and I have been thinking of this for a while now. Hang on to your hats...

Most of my characters grew up together on a TBD planet (suggestions welcome) in an orphanage. My Miraluka JK and JC are biological sisters who were removed from the home by a Jedi at about the age of 9 shortly before the planet fell to the Empire. The Smuggler. IA, BH, and Trooper are also from the orphanage and they formed their own family as children although some are blood related as well. For all of them (eventually) family is stronger than faction which will make for some interesting fanfic possibilities

MY JK and JC had parents who were pretty adventurous for Miraluka and that is how they end up on a faraway planet. When their parents died they were left at the orphanage. My JK was best friends in childhood with the IA, but when she was taken away and then the planet fell he became bitter towards the Order and by extension the Republic. While he was a good little Empire follower for a while he has started to spare innocents if he can. He thinks the Empire is better than the corrupt Republic and he loathes the Jedi. I canít be certain until I play the story but I am assuming he will be grey or LS. He eventually runs into my JK again and they end up together.

MY JC is a few years younger and somewhat less impulsive than her sister. She is very diplomatic. She was closest to the Smuggler as a child. My Smuggler was abandoned on the orphanage steps as an infant and has a soft spot for children and Damsels in Distress. He is extremely loyal to the JC and my other charcters as they are his family but not the Republic. He prefers the freedom of the smuggler way of life and hopes to convince the JC that not all attachment is bad. They are solidly LS.

My BH is twin to my IA and is not as vindictive, but feels the Republic abandoned them to the Empire. Heíll take any job against the Reps at a price but draws the line at those involving children and slaves. He is a follower especially of his brother and he doesnít think too hard about right and wrong. Not sure what his alignment will be but probably close to neutral.

My Trooper is the daughter of a veteran and a local woman who died in child birth. She was given to the orphanage because a Trooper could not raise a child and fight at the same time. She and the smuggler spent their whole lives at the Orphanage and she is also good friends with my JK. She is the confidante of everyone in the group no matter what their allegiance. She is solidly LS.

My SI and SW are Purebloods out to cleanse their races name and they value honor and integrity. ( I thought of this before I ran into Lord Pavernís story line) They enjoy the chase more than the kill. Not sure how their alinement will work.

I am new to this so suggestions welcome!