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04.26.2012 , 05:17 PM | #1
I havent seen any threads brought up about this in the 4 pages i looked in. Yes, almost every other MMO has a function similar to this, should SWTOR also have one?

Having played SWG and every MMO since then....i Kinda miss having the ability to change my color scheme on any of my armor. I mean we are all gated, to a degree, in preset colors for any of the armor we wear: Rakata, Black-Hole, Battlemaster, War-Hero, etc. While some colors are 'decent' others are not.
Thus, having a big palette of colors to choose for main and trim coloring would make me standout from another player wearing the same armor.

Is this just me wanting fluff or is this something we can all benefit from, to a degree, and need to ask for it be added to the game?