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04.26.2012 , 03:29 PM | #6
Thanks for the replies. I want to stress that I'm a relatively new player, I'm still on my first month.

I'm going to guess that the level 50 content might not be so bad, since there seem to be a majority at that level.
But if you want SWTOR to be even remotely as successful as the MMO which shall not be named, then you have to GROW your player base, that means catering to new players as well as the maxed players.

Hiding a game wide LFG in a secret channel is NOT catering to new players, it's ignoring their troubles by pretending they aren't real (after all, all you have to do is join the secret channel, doesn't everyone know that?)

SWTOR is a great game. I find the interactive questing to be compelling and engaging. I WANT to experience the multiplayer aspects of this MMO but I'm finding that to be a chore. So far SWTOR is a single player game that I have to pay monthly. There are better single player games out there without subscriptions. The UI customization in 1.2 was a HUGE step forward. For me personally, this is my biggest problem with the game as it stands today, and will probably be one of the main reasons I don't renew my subscription when that time comes. Assuming it hasn't been resolved by then.