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04.26.2012 , 03:08 PM | #1
We attempted this boss for the first time in a 16 man group last night on hard mode since we had enough people online for once to do with a larger group.

The 16 man version appeared to have an additional mechanic which would hit whoever was second on the aggro list with a high damage ability. So high, that if it targeted one of our DPS, they would frequently be one-shotted. Assuming we have the mechanic figured out correctly, why would the game designers would implement a mechanic which you cannot monitor. We do not have a threat meter of any kind. Is there some way of knowing who is about to get hit and avoid or redirect the damage?

We tried having an offtank taunt when the main tank was kicked back, but this was not working reliably for us. If anyone has experience (and success) with this fight, I would be interested in hearing how you dealt with this mechanic.