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The one you're missing Republic side is the scumbag insincere player. At some point somebody will have to explain to me

I wasn't even trying to mistreat Corso, and for a long time I still did like his company, which just made his meltdown suck even more. Really, man? Can we not just say, once and for all, "Stop hitting on me," and then either part ways or agree to treat each other decently?
Explaining as best I can...

I find
effeminate because:

1. He's just a little too good looking (which I find creepy in bugborgboy as well).
2. His accent is just a little too refined.
3. His stance and pose remind me a little too much of a Mako reskin.
4. His general "fussiness" strikes me, rightly or wrongly, as feminine rather than masculine.

Re: Corso

It's funny. On one of my smugglers (I've played a few), I tried to run the Corso romance, and stopped in amused disgust when he
At that point, I declared that ship to have sailed, and proceeded to shoot him down at every turn.