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The Empire if very varied. Some of the honorable Imperials believe that serving the Empire, whether it's right or wrong, is the best thing they can do. Others believe the Republic is more evil, both due to perceived and real corruption and injustices the Republic has done.

The Empire is also well liked by those in the Republic that feel that their lives there are going nowhere. Defections are easy. Though, the Republic lures in those that perceive the Empire as unjust and want to fix that.

Also, the fact that the Emperor wants to kill all life is unknown to nearly all. Not even the SW finds this out. Even then, the Emperor is a galvanizing force in the Empire. His lack of guidance in the years after the Treaty of Coruscant is the reason for the divisions and corruption seen in the Empire. His return, regardless of his objective, would result in the Empire becoming more centralized and effective.