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Quinn is something special. I've played SW start to finish. I would say a relationship with him goes very slow, but it goes very slow for a guy who starts out day 1 swearing himself to you and your cause, to follow where you lead, to hold any line you choose, to offer everything he is and has in your name - not for profit, not because he has no other place to go, but because he believes in you.

You know, once you get past that lil' detail the relationship goes slow. I had more fun backing off when he got actively nervous, and passing over [Flirt]s to keep him comfortable at my side (he'll approach when he's ready), than I had with any other romance in the game.
That sounds awesome. Slow is good, I rushed it with Corso, his affection was 10000 at level 35. I haven't got Quinn yet, I get him in the 20s right? Gonna take it slow with him seems like it will be a bit more enjoyable that way.
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