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You will most likely get the same sort of remarks. HPS dips high and low so much, to get an average is very hard with the current log parsers. And some fights will have much different averages, so you might wanna refine your question before you ask it.
And just to beat a dead horse. HPS is meaningless. EH (effective healing) is the more important stat, and also having your heals heal the people or person who needs it when they need it is what matters. You can be a horrible healer who just casts a lot and have a decent HPS but your raid might wipe cause of it.
And I think we are all telling you this cause you are going down the wrong road if you think for a second HPS is something to strive for. It is really a useless stat and anyone who cares to know what theirs or others is is missing the point of healing. It wont make you a better healer or give you any clue how good other healers are from this stat.
I know that EH is the important thing here, but we cant calculate it. If you can do 2000 hps, that mean that you can, potentially, do 2000 EH. Thats why im asking for your hps guys...