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I have a Operative medic who is in full columni gear. This includes earpiece, implants and the dropped relics from EV. My real question is two part.

I have an alt Sorc healer that is in fully modded gear with all lvl 51 mods, and has rakata implants and earpiece. All the Sorcs gear is rated 126 or better in the case of the rakata implants. (Is this enough to raid normal EV?)

What is the gear threshold for the new raid? Will all rated 136 gear be enough for Denova?

You should be able to handle EV normal on your Sorc. The level 51 mods are basically Tionese If I remember correctly. Since if your are the healer though, dps not paying attention to mechanics could cause you grief. I say give it a try, you will never know until then. In fact I plan on attempting to heal it on my alt operative this weekend who just hit lvl 50 and is in a similar situation you are in.

For the new raid I would probably recomend full Columi or close to it. A well oiled group could probably do it less geared, but EC on normal is more like the others on hardmode.
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