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All the Sorcs gear is rated 126 or better in the case of the rakata implants. (Is this enough to raid normal EV?)
the GEAR is more than adequate for normal EV. in fact, EV has been done "naked" (not really naked, but the message still applies, you don't need super gear for normal/story mode EV)

Quote: Originally Posted by Larsenex View Post
What is the gear threshold for the new raid? Will all rated 136 gear be enough for Denova?
Denova will be much more of a coordination execution challenge. you're gonna have to play really well to succeed if you're only in Columi, but it can be done, just tighter numbers. you are probably gonna hit enrage timers, etc.

much easier to farm EV and KP hardmode and go to Denova after you have a smatter of rakatas.
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