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How accepted is this if there is some one who can use the gear for their actual character? I was running 3 lowbies through BT on my 50 a while back, 1 SW (I forget AC) 1 Sin, and 1 IA (Again, I forget AC.) The SW needed on some cunning pants for his Vette and won, even though they were an upgrade for an IA. The SW happened to be group leader so I left group, told the other 2 to leave group, and started up a new run for them. I also told the SW's guild officers what he did and left his fate regarding his guild in their hands (idk if they kicked him or not.) Was I overreacting? The SW was unrepentant when I called him out on the ninja-ing and protested that needing on companion gear was valid, even if it was an upgrade for a player character.
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