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Quote: Originally Posted by Crezelle;
Personality wise...hes a little aloof at first, he's got his head pretty deep in the hive mind, but he eventually warms up to you. hes intelligent, HIGHLY observant, eager to serve, very eloquent and polite, force sensitive in some very backwards killik way that leaves him in a constant zen mode, poetic, and ..erm just roll an agent. you will ether go " ew" or be assimilated into the fangirl hivemind.
Thanks for the info, I'll probably romance him later on, I'll see how Quinn turns out.
Quote: Originally Posted by DeutschGamer View Post
And this is why men hate women.
Just want to say, it goes both ways. People can be jerks regardless of gender. I consider myself a "nice girl" and have been treated badly by men in the past, but that doesn't make me hate men. I personally love Corso because he is a southern gentlemen with a protective type personality, but that's what I like. I expect men to be nice and curtious, though I suppose that's not what everyone wants. Just saying that there are plenty of nice girls like myself that appreciate nice guys.

When it comes down to it, it's a fictional romance and should be fun for whoever is playing the game. Not everyone role plays as well as others, like I cant even pick the flirt choices with anyone other then my Corso because it makes me feel bad, just like it would in RL. So if hating on poor Corso is your thing then hey, go for it, but that's not everyone's style so generalizations aren't exactly fair.
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