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LFG is critically failing me. I'm a latecomer to this game and I play casually, I'm not in a guild, but I LOVE to run instances, except LFG has let me down.

I'm currently level 25 and I've run exactly ONE instance one time. Not for lack of interest, but because LFG is failing.

Perhaps there are some tips or tricks that I'm missing out on. I usually run single player content with my LFG flag on.

People say that cross realm grouping is bad because of trolls. Well, I would much rather run instances with an occasional troll, where I can just leave the party and find another vs this system. I suppose it is true, I am grouping with far fewer trolls, because I never group at all.
Yeah I'm on a packed server and I was having the same problem. To solve this I would type /who 33-36, organize the list by class then just go thru the list to all Sith sorcs, ( Hey looking for Healer for a foundry run, interested?) If i wouldn't get any hits with them I would move on to mercs ect.

Its a bit cumbersome and yeah it involves taking the initiative to type that out a billion times but once you have a tank and healer its fairly easy to get a dps class to join.