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I agree that it's kind of bull**** that they clearly stated EGA was a first come, first served basis and there are people getting access that registered later, but I don't see the point in cancelling your CE unless you truly don't want the content. Doing it as a statement to a company that stands to make several million every month, withholding your extra 100 bucks isn't going to go very far in sticking it to the man.
Out of curiosity, I'm noticing that many of the people who pre-ordered are complaining that it clearly stated that it was first come, first sever for EGA, and many of the people who ordered late are saying that it was never said that it was first come first serve. I never remember seeing either in writing. Do you have a link? It doesn't matter tome personally- I have my EGA already, and ordered really early on- I just wonder because both groups seem dead set that they are correct.