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So much negativity on these forums. Why all the "which is the worst ..." threads? Why not "which is the best"? pfft
yeah! i agree!. ima hijack this thread and turn it into who we like instead!

well my two favorites are scourge and ashara, for the same reasons oddly enough. its that they're counter to whats expected of you. they both question your code and make you ask questions about it. they put you in positions of having to defend your beliefs which is FAR more interesting than other characters who just go "backstory dump lolz"

i also really like kira and nadia. but maybe i just like having kickbutt female jedi following me around? lol. they're both fun characters to have around. its a real shame nadia comes so late in the game

also, doc has to be my favorite healer ive used. "did you not see my jedi friend?!" talos was pretty cool, i was really thankful for him on my lightside assassin since only talos and ashara really approved of anything i did, got tiresome of constantly having to feed everyone gifts to make up for my choices lol. Gus is also another great healer companion, same with theran....maybe they did that on purpose? making the healer companions very likable?

even as a male, i found corso to be my favorite smuggler companion. he just plays that best friend role so well. he's actually my favorite starter companion of the classes ive played. he just seems to actually like your character, like they'd hang out even when not on the job, most other starter companions don't seem that way.