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No. If you are a DPS you should be using healer companion, if you are a tank you should be using a DPS or healer companion, if you are a healer, you still want a DPS companion. Tank companions are the worthless ones.
I just want to be able to re-kit my companions to serve whatever role I need them to. Until then, everyone except my assigned healer companion (on nearly all my characters) will remain on my ship and be nothing more than a gift opener and mission slave.

Note: I love the concept of the companion system - but it is dreadfully restrictive in my opinion. There's no reason why I shouldn't be able to have Nadia heal using Tech or Force or have M14X reprogrammed to fire kolto rounds at me rather than blaster rounds at the enemy.

I could understand the locked-in nature of companion roles if we could use them in full group Flashpoints and Operations - obviously DPS companions would have a place there. Yet, that isn't possible - at least at this point in time.