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04.26.2012 , 08:42 AM | #33
I like many others LOATHE Skadge on the BH, seriously, I wish I could send this overgrown toad out my friggen airlock, I have no idea why we needed a token evil teammate THIS evil, and every time that fat tub of lard says "IF IT'LL SHUT YOU UP" when I send him on a mission...good god I wish I could rip out his vocal cords.

Loved all the rest of the BH companions, though I also found Torian dull, at least Gault was funny.

For the inquisitor I really didn't like Khem Val at first, then I started having convo's with him and found that he was growing to respect my character so he grew on me, and believe it or not I like Ashara too, though she is contradictive as all hell and it is irritating that you cant turn her (Sweetheart, let me explain something, you've killed hundreds of jedi with me, I don't think you exactly qualify as a jedi anymore), but that's what the sith pureblood pimp slap is for . Overall I liked all the inquis companions actually.

Those are the only two classes I've actually gotten to 50 at this time, but yeah, BW please give me an option to get rid of skadge or, barring that, let me beat him into being a iittle more nicer.