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We were running KP 16-man HM last night and on the fabricator fight the puzzle was not letting us move the pieces back and forth after the first trigger.

Are we missing something in this HM 16-man version that is different?
Why would the puzzle pieces freeze?

1. turn on the fight
2. solve puzzle once and fire down on the fabricator
3. try to move pieces off the right side ... frozen ... cannot move first piece off
4. after waiting about another 30-45 seconds the puzzle unfroze and we could move the pieces around

this was our first time on 16-man HM KP.
Is the puzzle mechanic different or it makes you wait longer before moving the pieces?

Only done the 16 man in Normal (it's probably the same), but there is something else going on. I suggest you look at your detrimentals while you click. There is a way to deal with it. I suspect they intend for there to be 2 people at each station, but it's not necessary if you can figure out how the debuff works.