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I was also sad that for the Imperial ladies there was no chance to flirt with Darbin Sull. I mean, he is late to your first meeting because he was with a woman. He should at least flirt with you.
Yeah, what was up with that? It's implied the guy sleeps around a little too much, but the most physical contact you can get is to give him a punch to the jaw. What gives?

On the Republic side, after you rescue Cole Cantarus, you are given one option to flirt with him, he gets all flustered, and then it's never brought up again! No more flirting options, no follow up at all. And you even see him again later on Ilum! That guy could have totally liberated my Corellia... or invaded... you know what I'm saying? *nudge nudge*

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Because then you'll accuse the Devs of making the women look like ho bags.

Go out for drinks: Classy!

Go to his place for sex: Hoe!

When did having sex with a lot of people make you some sort of person with little virtue? Stupid society.
If I turn my little bunch of pixels into a ho, I have nobody to blame but myself. It's not like I *have* to choose that option, amirite?
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