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IMO she is the worst companion ever and Im stuck with her because she is SUPPOSEDLY my healer. But she never heals. When she does it is like for 80 points and Im lvl 33. >.< Yet she heals herself for over 600 points. I watched this in action all day yesterday. It is ridiculous. I honestly shouldnt be dying repeatedly at lvl 33 because my healer totally sucks a**.

And every word that comes out of her mouth is sooooo annoying and degrading. As a female player I find her overly whiney and offensive. She is a total wimp...really pathetic. The rest of her "story" lines etc make no sense. One minute she is whining at me not to forget we are a team and when Im mean to her and tell her we arent a team, that she works for me...she says she doesnt. She's weird.

If I had the option to throw her out of the airlock, I most certainly would. Im going to die anyway whether she is with me or not since she is such a horrid healer so why not die happily without her instead of cursing at her for not doing her job? The only ways I can think for Bioware to fix her is to permanently gag her so I never have to hear her speak and to make her a much more effective healer.

Honestly I'd much rather my "trophy husband" as people called him (personally I like Torian best because he is the most low key) or Gault be my healer companion.
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