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04.26.2012 , 04:35 AM | #9
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We wait anywhere from 3-5 seconds after the button becomes clickable to accept the rez, just for extra precaution. I've had it kick me out, even still, but only once versus multiple times.
I had this happen to me. I was spam-clicking it (intense boss fight) and in the split-second it did become available and I clicked I saw that the 'Accept revive' option had disappeared and I had clicked the 'Return to Medcenter' one (which had moved to top and was now in the same place 'Accept Revive' was) and I was at a loading screen.

Now this was during Fabricator and the healer who had rezzed me got stunned by a Stun droid at the same time that this was happening, therefor I assumed that the rezzer being stunned had interrupted my revive somehow...?