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The Republic in general is far more open to other species. The Empire, on the other hand, if you roll an alien(especially as a SI)...let's just say xenophobic doesn't even cover it.

My idea was that 30 years ago, in the last Great War, my Sith Pureblood was orphaned. She was found as a child by the Jedi and raised in the Order, after being found Force Sensitive. Since the JK essentially grows up in Tython, I would imagine that everyone knows about his/her unusual race. Besides, there is a Devilite Jedi you can run into on the JC questline. If Devilites can become Jedi, why not Purebloods?
More plausible scenarios! I can totally see that happening. Jedi care. They wouldn't turn an orphan Pureblood away.
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And I love Darth Moonshadow's responses.