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I am playing as a pureblood sith - Jedi sentinel and i haven't incounterd any dialog where they comment on your 'race'
The Republic in general is far more open to other species. The Empire, on the other hand, if you roll an alien(especially as a SI)...let's just say xenophobic doesn't even cover it.

My idea was that 30 years ago, in the last Great War, my Sith Pureblood was orphaned. She was found as a child by the Jedi and raised in the Order, after being found Force Sensitive. Since the JK essentially grows up in Tython, I would imagine that everyone knows about his/her unusual race. Besides, there is a Devilite Jedi you can run into on the JC questline. If Devilites can become Jedi, why not Purebloods?