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With a group of ''in range people''

What can I say....

1)It took around 30 minutes to fill up the group, but it was mostly because we started at midnight. It still reasonnable. The instance took 1 hour and 10 minutes to do, which is once again pretty ressonable.

2)The instance was reasonnably challenging for a healer leveling (41)

3)I enjoyed it a LOT. It was Stawarsy (do you know that the Colicoids created the sphere droids of Clone Wars ?), and there was really creative mechanics in part 2 of the instance.

This was the first time in a long time that I did a instance ''normally'' in TOR, and I really enjoyed it. To once again state it, when you can find people, TOR is a blast.
TOR does PvE fine... in fact its PVE is probably best PVE of any MMO though i'd wager DCUO gives it a run for its money(if your into comics) some of the story arcs in that are pretty out there. That said most of TORs issue stem from bugs, and terrible class design/balancing ... while some of the classes are cool if your a long time MMO player, you quickly can piece together core aspects of each class either feel lacking, or poorly constructed... PVP is just a mess in general but then that is always to be expected.
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