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Because from what I understand and may be wrong but you can RE all the campaign stuff for schematics. Again, may be wrong, just what I read.
How many people effectively can do that for just an aug slot though? Yes augs slots are nice but to do that and keep the stats you would have to pay 100k per armor piece to pull the mods out and HOPE for the schematic. All pvpers have to do is faceroll through warzones to get their valor, and will have the best pvp gear by that time anyway. Pve gear progression takes months of blood, sweat, and repair bills for their gear.

Bioware promised us crafters more recipes, and though they had a good idea for pvp crafters I am frankly disapointed the pve oversight.

In addition only campaign set bonuses travel with the armorings, and not the rakata..... I'm not qqing, just confused and disappointed.