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Ok, fine. To be completely accurate it's a weighted random, I guess I didn't think I really needed to specify weighted since most "randoms" in games are weighted randoms, and this one obviously is. (which actually makes the odds of "infinite" failure higher.)

Which is pretty much what I was saying. I agree with the flat rate, hence my price of 10x CoM (though I'd put the odds closer to 1:5, and thus my figure of 10x CoM.) I'm just nitpicking that due to how random works (includeing weighted random), it is impossible to cover the "worst case scenario" as that would be infinite failures.
^_^ I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply your 10x CoM was wrong, just simply wanted to point out to anyone out there that it's a probability issue that can be reasonably accounted for. I'd totally agree 10x CoM.